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May 18, 2013 5:00am PDT
next wasn't surprising. hours after abc's report about the benghazi emails news broke that irs had inappropriately scrutinized tea party and other groups seeking tax exempt status ahead of the 2012 elections. republicans pounced. it was a nixonian plot. any other week the media would have taken these charges with a giant grain of salt. but on the heels of the benghazi emails more complicated. monday the associated press announced the justice department had secretly obtained two months worth of reporters phone lotion as part of a leak investigation. now the narrative was irrestible. strub ta scrub talking points. administration hell bent on abusing its power to stay in power. the white house was denying it had anything to do with the irs or doj. the references to water beat the and second term curses and mid-term elections fallout followed. which brings us to tuesday when the abc report that set off this whole chain of events the report that threw the political world into all scandal all the time crumbled apart. cnn jake tapper obtained one of the reports. it turned out abc had neve
May 12, 2013 5:00am PDT
person is found. this week, the irs inspector general's office is expect to do release its record while they singed out groups with the tea party or patriot in the title. fox news and the right-wing media are jumping on the i.r.s. for this, you should know they are totally right in doing so. the scandal is real, but as ezra klein points out the far more damages scandal is how little the i.r.s. -- out of partisan politics. >>> finally you should know the concentration of carbon dioxide has reached the highest level in human history, the latest data was report odd friday. while thinks a largely symbolic milestone, it's truly unprecedented the they are manmade, more storms, more wildfire, more druce, rising sea levels that threaten our coastal communities. despite all of this on thursday, they. by not showing up to vote. republicans said mccarthy hadn't been transparent enough, this coming from a group that chose to be invisible. you should know the fight against climate change is not over, no matter how many republicans stand in the way. let's start with aisha. >> well, you should know ne
May 19, 2013 5:00am PDT
scandal if you want the e-mail, find them. the white house has produced them. the irs thing, of course, has some traction but not very much. in 2004 the naacp was investigated after bond gave a speech about president bush. we have seen other kinds of -- i think the irs thing, you have new regulations. 70,000 applications. staff in cincinnati. up can't -- you are extremely smart and come up with a different -- none of us around the table and come up with the notion of what is charitable work and what isn't. i don't think that's a huge thing. i think that the ap thing is a thing that for many of us in particular might stick with. again, i think that's pretty minor, too. >> there is a lot in all of these -- lot to discuss in the specifics. especially in the irs and ap what -- maybe not much the benghazi one. how that became the story an issue. what's interesting to me when you look at the numbers and -- you look at the coverage we had this week, yes, the -- from the right standpoint, you know, there has been a certain much for the career killing scandal for obama since he became president
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3